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The Cast
(In order of appearance)

David Henderson - Darren Ali *
Vicki Walker - Tanya Abid 
* Info
John Henderson - Stephen Walsh 
* Info
Val Henderson - Trasi Hartley 
* Info
Terry - Shaun Fusedale 
Colin - Jonathan  Blythe 
* Info
Maggie  - Gemma Megwai 
Amanda  - Gemma Dodd 
Annie -  Kate Yorston 
* Info
Linda  - Kerry  Marie Collins
* Info
Jane  - Samatha McKenna 
* Info
Patricia  - Rachel O'Brien 
* Info
Peter  - David Wallace 
* Info
Kevin  - James Kidd 
Maureen  - Erin Richardson 
Trevor Walker  - Robert Davidson 
Eve Walker  - Laura Carr 
* Info
TV Presenter Paddy McDee

All other characters played by members of the company 

Darren Ali: From the very first mention of Steel Town I knew that this was going to be something different, something special. Every time after that there was more and more of a buzz about it. From the students, the public, the production team and even ex-steel workers. And why not? Steel Town is a new but true to life story that has something for everyone.

Personally I had a great time being part of the show. I not only enjoyed the performing but also the set construction the research the publicity and the recording of the soundtrack. I think Steel Town has a bright future and if it is as popular in Consett as it should and could be then who knows where the Ore Trains will stop next!!

Stephen Walsh What more could you ask for, great songs, great show, and the best cast. I've known the cast now for two years and what a way to end it.  The Customs House is a great venue and I always enjoy my experiences there, but I can't wait to go to Consett.  We hope you'll enjoy it as much as us doing it.
Tanya Abid I thoroughly enjoyed playing 'Vicki Walker' in Steel Town and felt I could relate to her character a little. Vicki was quite a strong-minded character, a lot like myself. I could understand why she couldn't decide whether to stay or go. I'm glad we've been given the chance to perform it again in Consett, and I'm sure people in Consett will appreciate it with heart felt emotions, Roll on September at Consett Thanks, Tanya xxx
Kate Yorstan I enjoyed playing the part of Annie in Steel Town as she is a fun character to play and got a lot of laughs with her sidekick, Amanda, Gemma Dodd. I'm looking forward to playing Annie again in Consett and hopefully they will like Annie as much as I liked playing her. 
Laura Carr I really enjoyed being a part of Steel Town and playing the part of Eve. Eve was a really interesting part to play even though she never really said a lot and much preferred to keep herself to herself. I'm glad we have the chance to perform Steel Town again in Consett and I'm sure the community there will enjoy it just as much as the people in Tyneside did.
David Wallace - Steel Town was an excellent show with great music, great script and excellent cast. The heart warming story about the Consett Steel Works last week before it's closure is one of the best I have ever been involved with. With it being my first show at the Customs House I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with. 
Trasi - I think Steel Town was a great success in South Shields. I only hope it will be in Consett. I really enjoyed playing the part of Val as she had great songs to sing. I enjoyed all of the rehearsals they were a great laugh. Come and see it in Consett, it's worth it!
Samantha McKenna - I really enjoyed rehearsing and performing Steel Town and playing the character Jane, she is really vain and stuck up - not like me at all! I'm sure the show will go on to become even more of a huge success so I'm glad to have been one of the original cast. 
Kerry Collins - I found Steel Town a valuable learning experience. I thought that the lyrics in the songs reflected the emotions in the story line. Although I didn't have a main part, I felt I had the chance to expand my character and express my characters feelings. I'm looking forward to performing again in Consett.
Jonathon Blythe - I think the best pert of Steel Town was working with the 2nd years.  It was nice to know I could work well with them since not being in their year.
Rachel O - Steel Town was an enjoyable experience.  The songs were the strongest part of the show as they had been written by a man who had experienced the steel works itself.

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