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We are currently re-working the musical to work in a Teesside setting. After all this is a story of Steel Communities who all have a similar story. This work will be developed with Middlesbrough College and some community workshops are being planned.

Steel Town, (the musical) told the story of the dying days of steel making in Consett and the town's struggle for survival. All of this is set against a young man's dream of rock stardom and escape from an industry in decline.  There are similarities between Consett and Teesside and at the height of steel making the two worked hand in hand.  Of course on Teesside the story is more triumphant with the relighting of the blast furnace but the story of a community and culture built around heavy industry is universal.

We are offering workshops where former or current steel workers, their families and communities can come together to contribute to the Steel Town story. The workshops will feature script readings, enactments, storytelling, music and archive film of steel making.

The workshops take place over 6 hrs and this can be broken up in different ways to suit the group, either a full day, two X 3 hour sessions or 3 X 2 hour sessions.

picture courtesy Castleside Heritage Group