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Red Dust Overture (Steve Thompson) 
Your Finest Hour
(Steve Thompson) 
Like My Fathers Father (Steve Thompson-Tom Kelly)
Let Me Hold You (Steve Thompson) 
Sometimes Feels Like Heaven (Music-Steve Thompson Lyrics - Tom Kelly) 
Loving Arms  (Steve Thompson) 
I Will Go Back  (Music & Lyrics Steve Thompson Lyrics Tom Kelly)  
Itíll End I  Tears  
(unplugged version) Music & Lyrics Steve Thompson Lyrics Tom Kelly)
Steel Town
(unplugged version) Music  Steve Thompson Lyrics Tom Kelly)  
(Music  Steve Thompson Music & Lyrics Tom Kelly)
Hurry Home
(Steve Thompson) 
The Close
with special thanks to Consett Mens Forum & Paddy McDee)

Bonus Track
And Now That (Music Steve Thompson Lyrics Tom Kelly plus additional work from Stephen Walsh, Darren Ali and John Clavering )

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