Consett Works

Consett Works from the air (courtesy Captain Douglas Vernon)
The red dot marks where I stood one day in 1998 when Tom Kelly and I were just beginning to work on the musical. Nothing you can see in the picture remained. For miles around all I could see was green fields. To the left of the red do the buildings you can see are Hounsgill Plate Mill. As a youngster I always liked this view from the top of the hill. The railway lines that encircled the mill reminded me of a train set. Tom and I were working on a song entitled "I Will Go Back". I called Tom on my mobile and described what I could see and told him that it had inspired me to complete the chorus lyrics (all we had at that point was the title):-

I will go back one day
when the lines are gone 
you'll find me there
I will go back one day
And I'll see you by and by

Tom later completed the lyrics, here are some of my favourite lines that fit very well with my description above.

These fields are memories
As silent as the grave
No future do I see
No statue to the brave

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