A Loco Called Consett



by John Harvey
I resisted the temptation to call this item "a train called Consett". Although it is a snappy title I recall that when I worked at Consett engine sheds if you had called a locomotive a train the older men would have thumped you (Steve T) John Harvey tells the story of Number 10 - a locomotive now known as "Consett"

George Cowell superintendent for Consett iron and steel. Works was responsible for the design and construction of Diesel locomotive called Consett no 10. 

She was built at Temple Town steam locomotive workshop in 1958 and was solidly built in order to withstand damage, which can occur when shunting wagons in all areas, which involved molten materials.
Her days were numbered in 1970’s. A relic from past, she was saved from being cut up for scrap by Mr G. Cowell and Mr. D. Vernon, works production services manager for British Steel Corporation Consett. Number 10 was donated to Tyne & Wear County Council museums in 1976. She was based at Monkwearmouth Railway Museum until being moved to the Stephenson Railway Heritage museum at Boldon. In 1986 the museum moved to North Tyneside where she now stays, a tribute to Consett’s past. The Stephenson Railway Museum is situated on the Silverlink estate near North Shields

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A super bit of industrial history. I really must visit the museum   Rob Kerss  Northampton

Hi, great story, I remember working on the loco when I worked asan apprentice in the "engine sheds". Cheers Ken Postle, Canada

I was an office boy/messenger at the brickworks at the time of Mr
Cowell,about 1955 and used to hitch rides on the oil burning engines down to the main offices. Mike Collins Auckland , New Zealand.


originally appeared in Newcastle Community News