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There are lots of heritage items about Consett and the 140 year old steelmaking tradition .
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September 12th 1980 - The British Steel Corporation closed down Consett's iron and steel works thus ending a 140 year old, proud tradition and throwing 3000 people out of work.

Steel Town, (the musical)   tells the story of the dying days of steel making in Consett and the town's struggle for survival. All of this is set against a young man's dream of rock stardom and escape from an industry in decline. 

a Save Our Steelworks march in 1980

This is a story of laughter and tears, heartache and pride. The show was a great success when it premièred at the Customs House in South Shields - April 2000. It ran again in September at the Consett Empire twenty years on from the closure of the works. This website  brings you sounds, pictures and stories from the show and details of the Consett show  

TIME:   September 1980. 

 The fight is on to save Consett’s Steel Works, led by the Save Our Steelworks group as the spectre of closure hangs over the Works. Check out: 
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