Memories of our early days at work

Down The Hatch  By: Steve Thompson

This story was related to me by some other fitters. They were standing around on top of a hopper where they had gone to fix the mechanism that filled it. Along comes teh foreman Bobby Gill sometimes known as Gobby Bill, full of managerial bluster. The following is the script of the pantomime that followed

Down The Hatch

Foreman.  What are you lot doing standing around here?
Fitter           We can't reach the chute from here, we've sent for a ladder.
Foreman    You don't need a ladder, here give me that spanner
                  (reaches out precariously one hand on a rail, the other     clutching the spanner)
Sound FX    Whoosh, Scream, Thud
Foreman   (shouting from bottom of hopper) GO GET A LADDER!
Fitters (in unison) YOU DON'T NEED A F...ING LADDER!