Another Country - Another Steeltown


I'm a songwriter and I live in Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada - a one-time Steel Town. It certainly is interesting to see how all the pieces fall into place after the fall of such an industry. Our Steel Mill is still standing and still employing a small number of workers but it is costing the Province millions to keep it open. The Coke Ovens part of it is long gone now and has left behind one of the worst environmental waste dumps in the world. It's known in international eco-circles as The Tar Ponds. Due to all that has happened to our one-time thriving community, we are now the most economically depressed areas of the country and the cancer rate here is the highest in Canada. Along with the tragic end to Steel Making here our Fisheries Industry has also hit an all time low - geez, am I depressing or what? 
Duncan Wells  

originally appeared on Newcastle Community News