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You have reached the website for "Steel Town" the musical by Steve Thompson and Tom Kelly. That's me (Steve) over on the right serving two apprenticeships in the late 60's, early seventies. One in the Steel Works in Consett and the other in the pubs and clubs with my band Bullfrog. You can maybe guess which one won out!

Around 1997/8 I had been telling Tom stories and annecdotes of this period in my life and one day he handed me a synopsis for a musical: "Steel Town".  I was hooked and we began work. The show was staged at the Customs House, South Shields in 1999 and emotionaly (for me and my family) in Consett itself at the Empire Theatre in 2000.

The website behind this splash page is a little dated now but it is a record of the time and the show. I was experimenting with SHTML and this was a time when most computer screens had a resolution of 640 pixels. Additionaly some of the links may no longer work.

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